Dawes Galaxy bicycle

Dawes Galaxy

circa 1973

This Dawes Galaxy steel road bike, made from Reynolds 531 tubing, is a classic vintage bicycle from the early 70s. Charles F Dawes set up Dawes Cycles Ltd in 1926 in Birmingham in the West Midlands. By the mid-1970s the company was still family owned but after several buy outs the company is now owned by the Tandem Group plc and still operates in the Birmingham area.

Dawes was always perceived as a manufacturer of bikes just a cut above the crowd. They built excellent bikes for tourists… and for Youth Hostellers… and for Clubmen…. bikes with a sense of integrity and an honesty of purpose for all the family.

To define what DAWES meant to the sporting family cyclist, one had only to visit the annual Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) Rally, held in June on the Knavesmire at York. Even in the Rally’s heydey, when there would be displays of handbuilt frames by Woodrup, Mercian and Carlton, there would be hundreds of cyclists arriving on their Galaxies and Super Galaxies. It was almost as though, at a certain time in the firm’s history, the company owed its existence to the CTC members who bought their faithful bikes.

This classic touring bike will be a comfortable, reliable ride for the discerning rider.

Dawes Galaxy rear wheelDawes Galaxy brakes
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We try to ensure every bike is well suited to the rider, as a result we have included the following as a guideline for the ideal rider:

Height 5’8″- 5’11” (173-180cm)
Size (Seat Tube) 59cm
Top Tube 57cm
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The low down


  • Leaf green
  • 27′ QR alloy wheels
  • Weinmann Vainqueur 610 front brakes
  • Sachs Huret 10 speed
  • GB alloy stem
  • Mudguards
  • Reynolds 531
Which vintage bike to hire for you and the peak

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