Velo Veritas

In Velo Veritas 9 – 10 June 2018

When: 10 June 2018
Where: Retz, Austria

In Velo Veritas is a vintage cycling weekend packed with supporting social events. Velo Veritas 2018 will take place from 9 – 10th June in Austria’s Weinviertel Region, 80km north of Vienna. Riders choose from 3 different non-competitive courses from 70 – 210km: Epic, Scenic or Passionate!

In Velo Veritas is about:
•a vintage ride together where time doesn’t matter
•routes on hidden paths and roads to experience the countryside
•refreshment stops that reflect the culinary diversity of the region
•a supporting programme focusing on classic road race cycling
•riding together with like-minded cyclists for whom cycling is not simply a sport but also a question of style and expression of personality.