The Imperial Rome

The Imperial 6 – 8 October 2017

When: 7 October 2017
Where: Rome, Italy

The Imperial – a ride full of charm, tradition and modernity for bikes built pre 1987 – set in the historic city of Rome.

In an extraordinary town where time seems to stop, bicycles from different eras parade along the streets, timeless examples that have shaped the history of the sport and much more. Charm, tradition and modernity in fact characterise “L’Imperiale”. An event of rare beauty in the ancient city of Rome, rich in art, history, centre of Christianity and capital of Italy. Departing from the Roman Forum cyclists make their way along the Appian Way, once a hunting ground for champions in the Giro del Lazio, a classic in cycling books, and then Porta San Sebastiano and the Caffarella Park. Cycling of the yesteryear, at times on equally ancient roads!

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