Bergkonig Gstaad event

Bergkoenig 26 – 27 August 2017

When: 27 August 2017
Where: Gstaad, Switzerland

Come to Bergkoenig vintage cycling festival in Gstaad for the most beautiful steel bikes in marvellous mountain surroundings.

Swiss alpine roads have allways been a legendary challenge for fast cyclists from all over the world. Most Tour de Suisse editions and even some Tour De France have been decided on Swiss alpine passes. And Switzerland has brought to the world some of the greatest racers of all time.

Now is the time to celebrate these roads and the Swiss cycling tradition. And what place might suit better as home for this new International Vintage Cycling Festival than Gstaad? The region got cycling mad when Swiss hero Hugo Koblet has crossed first the finish line in the picturesque Chalet village in a leg of Tour de Suisse 1950 comming up all the way from Lausanne (he later won the Tour too). And the area is surrounded by some of the most beautiful pass and mountain roads offering tough challenges and spectacular views.

The event is open for all bicycles up to 1986 to be ridden in vintage clothing.