The Cycle Museum Walton Hall & Gardens


The Cycle Museum at Walton Hall & Gardens near Warrington is the cumulation of Paul Adam’s obsession of collecting vintage bikes, and in fact all sorts of quirky things. The 200 plus strong collection of bicycles includes two rare machines. The 1893 Crypto Bantamette Ladies bicycle is one of only two known in the world. It hangs proudly alongside the rare 1895 solid tired Hillman Herbert and Cooper Gentleman’s Premier bicycle in the former stable block of Walton Hall.

Paul’s cycle collection is an obsession which began in childhood when he developed an interest in vintage cars – before moving on to bicycles which were “more affordable’.

The museum is a hidden gem of interesting and quirky wheeled objects – not just classic and vintage bikes. Amongst the piles of treasure which are stored haphazardly in the old hall out buildings we spotted an Itera plastic bike, a Pedersen, and a Sinclair C5! You have to watch where you tread as the floor is covered in cycling memorabilia.

As purveyors of fine hand made British bikes we spotted an immaculate Reg Harris and a beautiful Bates amongst the solderless nipples and abandoned toilets. There were some classic Italian steel steads as well.

Collectors might be interested to know that the 26th annual antique and classic bicycle auction and swap meet takes place in Copake, New Jersey on 22 April 2017. We are wondering what gems Paul might return with!

Groups wishing to arrange a tour can contact Paul. Admission is free but donations are welcome.